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Hello, Dear Beat, Beatle Lovers, and Music Fans!

We present the third newsletter of COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, the innovative, interdisciplinary club festival in Hamburg's wild district of St. Pauli!

In our two previous newsletters we presented the event and the first details of our exciting line up to you in detail. Now we want to continue without hesitation because the line up is becoming more colorful and varied.

The new artists we have added and present in this newsletter could hardly be more different - ultimately they only have one thing in common: they all interpret the Fab Four in their own, individual way - and thus show how many different ways you can interpret the fantastic music of the Fab Four, presenting the Beatles in a new and different way and conjure them up on the stage.

"Our ur highlight for live performances was in Hamburg. We weren't famous back then and people just came to us because of our music and the atmosphere we created.”


George Harrison


First of all we would like to introduce you to another extraordinary evening from the series of "Come Together Milestones"; a boundary-breaking event for all Beatles enthusiasts:

This will be a very special "Come Together Milestone", a boundary breaking event for all Beatles enthusiasts. 

21 downbeat, the house band of the highly successful Berlin-based RambaZamba Theater brings professional actors with and without disabilities together on one and the same stage. Under the direction of songwriter and musician Leo Solter, the band is performing the classic album "With The Beatles", bringing it to the stage with a modern twist and yet respect with a whole new sound.

The band members at the Berliner theater create a very individual

sound from their own texts by contemporary authors.

The debut EP with lyrics by the award-winning author Yoko Tawada was released in summer 2021, and 21 downbeat also have been making numerous exciting performances: the band performed on the track "Hi Freaks" with a variety of guest musicians, including T.Raumschmiere, Nicola Rost, Romano and Andreas Spechtl. As part of the Pop Kultur Festival, the evening "Rausch Royal" was created together with the musician Jens Friebe Wagner's opera cycle "Der Ring" as a 60-minute pop opera - as well as the program "Berlin" (2022) with songs from the 20s Years. For the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, 21 downbeat exclusively dedicates songs like "All My Loving", "Please Mr. Postman" and "Till There Was You". In the usual anarchistic interpretation, intentionally not true to the original, the songs are completely reinterpreted in an electronic way.

"We will set new standards with our adaptation of 'With the Beatles'," says Solter.

Because: "You've never heard the Beatles like this before."


21Downbeat (2).jpg

"We We really developed in Hamburg.

To get the Germans moving, we really had to hammer through. We would never have developed like this if we had stayed at home. We had to try everything that came to mind in Hamburg. We played what we liked best and the Germans liked it

as long as it was loud.”

John Lennon


Following Lennon's maxim, the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE also depicts every imaginable form of musical performance. And (at least selectively) it gets loud with Garlands,

A dream pop and shoegaze duo based out of Berlin and Hamburg that enchants with two voices, fine guitar play and elegant synths.

Taking their name as a reference to the first album from the Cocteau Twins. they are reminiscent of the ethereal atmospheres of the 90s between noble pop and new wave with  all the necessary noise that adds influences from My Bloody Valentine making the two multi-instrumentalists create far-reaching landscapes between delicate pop harmonies, tasteful loops and raw distortion effects, while echoes of ambient, kraut and psychedelic rock waft across. Lyrically, the musicians embark on a journey into the vast cosmos. Garlands stand for the deconstruction of constraining concepts and are not willing to let pop narratives be dictated solely by twenty-somethings or old men. They sing about ups and downs, transition zones, peaks and chasms from the point of view of the female midlife. For the "Come Together Experience", the two musicians Catarina Rüss (guitar, synths, vocals) and Sui Kemmer (bass, flute, vocals), accompanied live by two other musicians, cut and grind their way through the Beatles universe. Between "Helter Skelter" and "I Want to Tell You", "Dear Prudence" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" they weave their special shoegaze style into a flowing trip. A journey through soundscapes between noise and gentle melancholy.

No one could be more suitable for a new band based around the song of The Beatles than the drummer of "The Swiss Beatles", The Les Sauterellas. What happens when Düde Dürst, also co-founder of legendary Krautrock band “Krokodil”  teams up with the guitarist who on who only started making music because of the Beatles records in his parents' collection?  And What happens when they add ace bass player Thomy Jordi to the line up? A new project is born. Flaming Pie, loosely based on an article by John Lennon in the music magazine Mersey Beat (as well as on Paul McCartney's 1997 solo record). Lennon/McCartney songs shaped the sound of Flaming Pie, but without them being purely a beatles cover band. The trio have their own take on and groove to add into the equation. Adi, Düde and Thomy have known each other for almost 20 years. They have developed a unique telepathy between themselves in various formations and all kinds of jam situations. Flaming Pie are playing Beatles songs - but in their own way: reduced to the legendary power trio format. And without any claim to one-to-one implementation. rougher, freer, wilder. The result becoming one Lennon himself would enjoy, at least that was the opinion after their show at Beatleweek in Liverpool which was highlighted as one of the top 6 performances.


"There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we withdraw from life. When we are in love, we open ourselves to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement and acceptance.”


John Lennon


Some of you have already asked us (and rightly so!) how this huge, diverse, exciting and always surprising program of the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE actually comes together. So please, meet Arne Buss, our festival curator and managing director, who found and signed all the extraordinary artists which perform at the event. Buss is a singer/songwriter and guitarist himself and has played in the Hamburg formations Diva Int. and Electric and in recent years has primarily acted as tour and production manager for various international acts such as Spoon (USA), ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (USA) and The Get Up Kids (USA) and appeared in many others. In addition to his own music, he also has tremendous expertise (and contacts) across the entire industry: He was a partner in the record stores Rekord, Plastik and Mythos Records in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel. Between 2007 and 2012, Buss ran the Hamburg independent label KNTRST Records with artists such as The Ettes (USA), The White Rose Movement (UK), Ulterior (UK) and Bellavista (USA) together with Achim Köllner. Arne has been in charge of the Synäathesie Festival in Berlin since 2017 and in 2018 also worked as production manager for the renowned Pop-Kultur Festival, which is also based in Berlin. At the end of 2019 he took over the production and project management for the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE and has been bringing a breath of fresh air to the programming of the event since 2020.


We want to end this newsletter with a little trivia about The Beatles in Hamburg - one of those stories that you will soon hear a whole series of on the guided tours as part of the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE. The scene of our anecdote is "Gretel & Alfons", THE Beatles Bar on the Große Freiheit. The story goes like this: The Beatles had only ever got a few brands of drinks from their clients and therefore always went to the Gretel & Alfons before and after their shows in order to destroy a few beers there after the hour-long gigs. Legend has it that after the Beatles last performed at the Star Club on New Year's Eve 1962, Paul McCartney forgot to pay for his bill - a malice that was not remedied until 27 years later. Back in 1989, McCartney is said to have returned to the “Gretel & Alfons” for the last time after a Hamburg concert and settled all open items. A proof of this wonderful story can be found in the bar: behind the front door there is a poster from Paul's tour at that time with his signature and the addition "paid in full".

Want more stories like this?

Then go and buy a ticket.


149,- plus fees
›› Access to all events including Laeiszhalle


99,- plus fees
›› Access to all events except Laeiszhalle


74,- plus fees
›› The Come Together ticket for all people under the age of 25 – closing date 7/2/2023.

All You Need Is Love,

Euer CTE-Team

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