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A dream pop and shoegaze duo based out of Berlin and Hamburg that enchants with two voices, fine guitar play and elegant synths. Taking their name as a reference to the first album from the Cocteau Twins. they are reminiscent of the ethereal atmospheres of the 90s between noble pop and new wave with  all the necessary noise that adds influences from My Bloody Valentine making the two multi-instrumentalists create far-reaching landscapes between delicate pop harmonies, tasteful loops and raw distortion effects, while echoes of ambient, kraut and psychedelic rock waft across.

Lyrically, the musicians embark on a journey into the vast cosmos. Garlands stand for the deconstruction of constraining concepts and are not willing to let pop narratives be dictated solely by twenty-somethings or old men. They sing about ups and downs, transition zones, peaks and chasms from the point of view of the female midlife.  For the "Come Together Experience", the two musicians Catarina Rüss (guitar, synths, vocals) and Sui Kemmer (bass, flute, vocals), accompanied live by two other musicians, cut and grind their way through the Beatles universe. Between "Helter Skelter" and "I Want to Tell You", "Dear Prudence" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" they weave their special shoegaze style into a flowing trip. 

A journey through soundscapes between noise and gentle melancholy.


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