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No one could be more suitable for a new band for a new band based around the song of the beatltes than the drummer of "The Swiss Beatles", The Les Sauterellas. What happens when he teams up with the guitarist who on who only started making music because of the Beatles records in his parents' collection?  And What happens when they add ace bass player Thomy Jordi to the line up? A new project is born Flaming Pie, loosely based on an article by John Lennon in the music magazine Mersey Beat (as well as on Paul McCartney's 1997 solo record). Lennon/McCartney songs shaped the sound of Flaming Pie, but without them being purely a beatles cover band. The trio have their own take on and groove to add into the equation. Adi, Düde and Thomy have known each other for almost 20 years. They have developed a unique telepathy between themselves in various formations and all kinds of jam situations Flaming Pie are playing Beatles songs - but in their own way: reduced to the legendary power trio format.

And without any claim to one-to-one implementation. Rougher, freer, wilder. 

The result is a sound that John Lennon would probably enjoy. At least that was the opinion of many visitors at the International Beatleweek in Liverpool, where the band was one of the highlights with their six performances.


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