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This will be a very special "Come Together Milestone" - and a boundary-breaking event for all Beatles enthusiasts: 21 downbeat, the house band of the RambaZamba Theater from Berlin under the direction of the composer and musician Leo Solter, takes on the classic album "With the Beatles". and will brings it to the stage in a modern, unabashed and yet respectful in a whole new sound! The principles of the inclusive band are intoxication and ecstasy - or also: boom and confetti. Away from the usual boundaries, the band members at the Berlin Theater create a very individual sound from their own texts by contemporary authors. The debut EP with lyrics by the award-winning author Yoko Tawada was released in the summer of 2021, and 21 downbeat also developed numerous exciting performances: In the piece "Hi Freaks" the band performed with changing guest musicians, including T.Raum Schmiere, Nicola Rost, Romano and Andreas Spechtl. As part of the pop culture festival, the evening "Rausch Royal" was created together with the musician Jens Friebe Wagner's opera cycle "Der Ring" as a 60-minute pop opera - as well as the program "Berlin" (2022) with songs from the 20s Years. For the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE she dedicated herself to 21 downbeat exclusives like "All My Loving", "It Won't Be Long" and "I Wanna Be Your Man". The songs are reinterpreted in the usual anarchistic interpretation that is not intentionally faithful to the original. "We're going to respectfully turn 'With the Beatles' inside out to create our own interpretations of it." "Here we're only considering the tracks on the record that the Beatles composed themselves," says Solter. "You've never heard the Beatles like this."


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