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During the time of the Corona pandemic in 2021, the two old friends Henry Marr (Henry & the Mencinis) and El Rey Uli (The Typhoons, El Rey & the Twisters) sat down together in their apartments to make music despite the lockdown. Many songs with very personal lyrics quickly emerged. Musically, the limitation to two guitars brought them back to their shared love of early country and rock 'n' roll. During the home recording sessions, it quickly became clear that the songs needed a traditional rhythm section, and after a short search, two very accomplished musicians, Joker (Mikel OneTwo, Hot'n'Cold) and Matthias Friedel (Shreveport Rhythm, Dennis Durant, Rocksin), joined the band in addition, who are at home in classic rockabilly as well as in jazz and swing. The recordings were completed on their own, the first album was released in July 2022, and after an acclaimed debut in Hamburg's Hafenbahnhof, the Porthounds' tour calendar is constantly filling up. In their songs they explore the boundaries between roots rock, country and 60s rock'n'roll. From Hamburg to Memphis, Detroit to Liverpool and back - this is what the Porthounds call their Northern Shuffle! Well hung, rough and unpolished, but served with virtuosity. Welcome to The Porthounds!


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