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JUNE 30 + JULY 1 2023




We are the new Beatles club festival in Hamburg that transforms the complex songs of the Fab Four into the present and demonstrates through a variety of unique shows, revues, and concerts how timeless this music is. In addition to bringing together some of the world's leading tribute bands, the festival places special emphasis on the "Come Together Milestones": extraordinary concerts created specifically for this festival that present completely new subtexts and genre-bending reinterpretations of Beatles songs. Whether as dream pop, indie rock, shoegaze, jazz interpretation, or inclusive theater project, the "Milestones" will offer the discerning visitor completely new and highly surprising perspectives on these legendary songs.

In addition, we are celebrating several anniversaries with this festival; for example, there will be a big revue surrounding the birthday of the "Blue Album." Many companions and musical friends of the original Fab Four will be present as well as young, sometimes delightfully wild musicians from home and abroad whose work is entirely in the tradition of the Beatles.

Our plan is to offer you music, people, pop culture, stories, and concert events that you can't experience anywhere else in this combination and density.

The first COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE will take place on

June 30 and July 1, 2023

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