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Going by the title "Sitting on a Cornflake - The Beatles' Psychedelic Songbook", the inclined Beatles fan will experience a unique, evening-long program that brings together a whole range of internationally renowned musicians of all kinds. Above all, to look at the psychedelic sides of the Beatles in a completely new way and to transform them into sounds in which the Beatles songs have never been heard before. The ensemble of this exciting and experimental concert includes Andreas Donau with his reconstruction of the psychedelic sound collage "Revolution 9", Thorsten Quaeschning and Paul Frick from Tangerine Dream, as well as the shoegaze synth formation Garlands and Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, an extraordinary art Rock noise project around the South African artist Lucy Kruger, who lives in Berlin and has developed and perfected her very own experimental approach to the flexibility of rock arrangements. They will all approach Beatles songs in a completely new and surprising way - and also relate their work to the other performing acts - for example, three completely different versions of "Tomorrow Never Knows" can be performed. Because all these musicians, no matter how different they are and sound, have one thing in common: that the music of the Beatles can always be rediscovered and interpreted in a different, surprising and, above all, contemporary way. And that the psychedelic moments of the Fab Four in particular form the basis for many bands and genres that have recently experienced a great renaissance - be they artists from post-punk, neo-wave, stoner rock, shoegaze and Post-rock or all the broad fields of electronic music creation between ambient, trip-hop, downbeat and avant-garde.


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