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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. 
A dream you dream together is reality.“

Dear Audience, dear Prudence!

Our shared dream of a COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, that is unforgettable for everyone involved - participants, visitors and guests - is getting closer and closer! Today we have a colorful mix of important information,

new program items and good news for you -

as well as an exclusive competition for all subscribers to this newsletter.

First, let's look at two important pieces of news about our tickets: We're happy to report that the "All You Can Beat" ticket category is now sold out! On the other hand, we are now offering a new category to all last-minute visitors: 

the day tickets! These will be available for both days of the festival,

they cost €55 per day plus advance booking fee. It follows our wish to offer everyone the opportunity to take part in the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE,

even if you are perhaps only interested in a few selected

"Come Together Milestones" or individual events - or if two complete days in the spirit of the Fab Four are perhaps something for you are too much.

So everyone can now choose more specifically what interests them in our program. 

That's an offer you can't refuse, isn't it?

„Sitting on a cornflake
waiting for the can to come

Another absolutely extraordinary "Come Together Milestone" is hidden behind the concept evening "Sitting On a Cornflake": Here, above all, the psychedelic sides of the Beatles are looked at from a completely new perspective and transformed into sounds in which the Beatles songs have never been heard before has. The ensemble of this exciting and experimental concert includes special guests from a well-known Krautrock legend, as well as the shoegaze synth formation Garlands and

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, an extraordinary art rock noise project centered around the South African artist Lucy Kruger, who lives in Berlin .

All these musicians, as different as they are and sound, have one thing in common: that the music of the Beatles can always be rediscovered and interpreted

in a different, surprising and, above all, contemporary way.

And another piece of the puzzle belongs to "Sitting On a Cornflake": Under the title "Revolution 9 - The Attempt at a Sound Reconstruction by Andreas Dorau", the Hamburg avant-garde artist Andreas Dorau will work with a "tape orchestra" on an elaborate reconstruction of the by far most psychedelic (and longest) track by the Beatles. Accompanied by exciting talks and the screening of the short film "Revolution 9" by Klaus Beyer.

With the concert by The Porthounds we can introduce another original Hamburg act: In their songs they explore the boundaries between roots rock, country and 60s rock'n'roll. From Hamburg to Memphis, Detroit to Liverpool and back - this is what the Porthounds call their Northern Shuffle! Well hung, rough and unpolished, but served with virtuosity.

LIVE SHOT - Mia Truter 2.jpg
"I don't want to spoil the party,
so here I go."

In addition to all the shows and concerts, we also want to dance with you at parties tailored to our event until the early morning - unlike in the song mentioned above, nobody will want to leave early here. We were able to oblige three well-known party series and their DJ teams to set up a special COME TOGETHER program.

No hip stays stiff and no armpits dry. 

Twist & Shout
A wild journey through the time of the Beatles put together musically

especially for this evening by the two Berlin DJs Monophonic & Future Sailor

and the pop art artist Jim Avignon. 60s, Psych or bands nerdy inspired by the Beatles to Brit Pop.

Hip Cat Club
Every month since the beginning of 2002, the Hip Cat Club in the beautiful night shelter has invited people to take a journey through time in "Beat-Schuppen" somewhere in London or San Francisco in the Swinging Sixties. Within a very short time, the event blossomed into an institution beyond the city and even national borders for the international mod and 60s scene, which was still vibrant at the time.

How Does It Feel To Be Loved?
How Does It Feel To Be Loved? has been in London since 2002. At their evenings they play indie pop, northern soul, Motown and 60s girl groups - they love it

There is even more to come. Watch out - we still have some exciting surprises in store for you.

All You Need Is Love,

Your CTE-Team

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