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Any Beatles connoisseur knows: "Revolution 9" is an experimental sound collage that was recorded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in collaboration with George Harrison in June 1968 and released on the Beatles' "White Album". With a playing time of 8:22 minutes, the production inspired by Karl-Heinz Stockhausen and John Cage is the longest track by the Beatles. It is noteworthy that the pop music listener of the 1960s was probably confronted with experimental music for the first time with "Revolution 9". The well-known Hamburg avant-garde artist Andreas Dorau would like to create a similar effect on the audience at the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE. Dorau was already fascinated by the work as a child, which only aroused his interest in avant-garde music. He himself repeatedly experimented with ribbon loops in his work. For this evening, the artist has set himself the goal of performing "Revolution 9" live with tape loops and a tape orchestra. Before the experiment begins, Dorau and Beatles expert Frank Behnke, musician (ex-mother), film sound engineer and radio man, who expects listeners to do a monthly Beatles radio show, will explain to the audience the circumstances under which the piece was created is and which sound sources were used on the individual loops. In addition, the short film "Revolution 9" by Klaus Beyer will be shown, musician, Super 8 filmmaker and outsider artist, who made a name for himself after his factory job by Germanizing all Beatles LPs and has been performing with it for 38 years , although he doesn't necessarily hit every note. He too has been working with tape recorders, since the early 1980s he had been cutting the non-singing parts of Beatles songs together in a collage style on two tape machines as a background for his own German text. Andreas Dorau then explains the function and individual tracks of his tape orchestra, whose sound sources were previously created in Peter Teller's studio. After another talk by the three experts, you will be able to experience Dorau's sound reconstruction of "Revolution 9" live as the grand finale. The performance is part of the special Come Together Milestones "Sitting On a Cornflake", in which various artists and bands dare an abstract approach to the Beatles' oeuvre.


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