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The internationally renowned “Molotow” is one of Germany’s most important live music clubs. Up-and-coming alternative and indie rock bands play here on a stage in a shop window, and curious St. Pauli visitors often stand outside on Nobistor and look over the bands’ shoulder. The Molotow is the epitome of a Hamburg rock club: stuffy, crowded, sweaty. When the club is sold out, rock’n’roll is literally dripping from the ceiling. Mando Diao, The White Stripes, Gossip, Turbonegro and The Dresden Dolls are just a few of the big names that have performed at the “Molotow” – often before their commercial breakthrough. For many years, the club’s owner, Andi Schmidt, was a member of the Beatles cover band “The Punkles”, which recorded six albums of Beatles songs in the style of the Ramones. Those are some excellent conditions for reviving the Beatles spirit at “Molotow”!


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