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The “Kaiserkeller” was the Beatlesʼ second important gig after their time at the “Indra”. In October and November 1960, they played here for six hours every night, alternating every hour with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes, who were already a little better known back home. In this cellar bar with its rotten wooden stage, where you always had to pay attention to where you were stepping, the Beatles finally became a local sensation. Moneywise, it wasn’t much to write home about, owner Bruno Koschmider paid them DM 150 per week. But it was here that they met two people who would be of great importance for the bandʼs history: Astrid Kirchherr, who later on gave them their legendary moptop hairstyle, and the Hurricanesʼ drummer, Ringo Starr. Today, the “Kaiserkeller” under “Große Freiheit 36” is still the home of rock music, as a disco and concert venue, be it alternative, indie, metal, industrial, or gothic.


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