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The first Beatles location in Hamburg - the Indra, of course! Engaged by Hamburg's first rock'n'roll impresario Bruno Koschmider, the Beatles played 48 nights here between 17 August and 3 October 1960; with 4,5-hour sets on weekdays and 6-hour sets on the weekend. At the Indra they performed their first official show as “The Beatles”. A golden plaque at the entrance reads the inscription: “…the beginning of a great career.” The Beatles were still in their rock’n‘roll baby shoes back then and were hired to turn a run-down striptease shack into a modern rock’n’roll club. After 48 nights of “Mach Schau“ there were complaints by the neighbours and The Beatles continued their first Hamburg engagement at Koschmider’s Kaiserkeller. Get back to 1960!

Come Together gives you the chance to experience the Indra like the Fab Five.


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