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"Clap your hands or rattle your jewellery!" Them Beatles, from Scotland were awarded the title "More like The Beatles than The Beatles!" by Real Radio UK and are one of the most coveted and authentic Beatles tribute acts in the UK. With their attention to detail, their stage presence and a unique band chemistry that hasn't changed in 14 years, they manage to come breathtakingly close to the Fab Four, both musically and visually. Them Beatles create concerts that illuminate every chapter and aspect of Beatles history: from the early days at the Star Club and the Beatlemania explosion, through the sprawling psychedelic period and the "Rooftop Concert" live renditions of the last Beatles concert in 1969, to songs from the later solo work of the Fab Four. Them Beatles have already toured the world with their own interpretation of Beatlemania, including in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Norway and The Netherlands - and are also regular guests in the UK's most well-known clubs and theatres. At the annual "International Beatleweek" in Liverpool, they are not only regular guests - they have a very special task there every year: in the Cavern Club of all places, they present a new program every year, which, in addition to hits and well-known ones, mainly B-sides and focuses on obscure rarities. They will certainly present some of these special rarities as part of their show in Hamburg.


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