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The Bootleg Beatles are more than just a tribute band. With more than 4,000 concerts in 40 years, they have become a permanent institution. Emerging from the original line-up of the London West End production "Beatlemania", the quartet is one of the longest-serving and most authentic Beatles tribute bands in the world. Sound, looks and style have been perfected over the years - from the costumes to the historically correct selection of instruments and the Liverpool dialect. When The Bootleg Beatles take the stage, you really feel like you're with The Beatles. The Fab Four even say themselves: "You know the early Beatles songs better than I do," George Harrison is said to have said after seeing the bootleg Beatles live at Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's 50th birthday party. And the boys even shared a stage with Paul McCartney, and that on a really special occasion: The Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002. The four have shared the same stage with David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Bon Jovi, they are recurring headliners at festivals like Glastonbury and Knebworth - and have already toured the world supporting Oasis in their strongest phase. Most recently, they succeeded with a whole series of special concerts, in which they each performed complete Beatles albums - and also presented songs that had hardly ever been heard live before. In 2023, The Bootleg Beatles will conquer Hamburg with hits from the entire career of the Fab Four.


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