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That's what you call grassroots work: The St. Pauli Beatles are the somewhat different Beatles tribute band directly from the St. Pauli district, where the Beatles had their first experiences as a live rock'n'roll band in the neighborhood in 1960-1962 . Originally founded by four tour guides of the St. Pauli Beatles Kiez-Tour as "Die Koschmiders", it quickly made sense to perform the music of the Beatles, which was otherwise played alone on tours, together as a rocking band with polyphonic singing. After a completely new line-up came together in 2018, the new band has now also given itself a new name: The St. Pauli Beatles. "I always liked simple rock," John Lennon once said; The St. Pauli Beatles see it the same way: Without wigs and disguises and without wanting to be a 1:1 Beatles copy, the lady and the three gentlemen present their own St. Pauli-typical performance with guitar, bass, drums and vocal harmonies Say the wonderful compositions from all creative phases of the Fab Four. The St. Pauli Beatles are at home on all small and large stages, taking the audience back to the 1960s world of what is still the biggest pop band of all time.


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