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Formed in 2006, in Sweden's rock n roll city of Gothenburg, have become one of the Beatles tribute bands that have taken the world by storm.Named as the "Best Beatles Interpreteers" by Beatles legendary producer Sir George Martin, the group have also been conducted into the Beatlesweek Hall of Fame at the annual convention in Liverpool. Pepperland have succeeded where so many tribute acts have failed by not trying to be a copy of the band but being a band performing Beatles songs as tribute to their idols. They have no interest in being copycats or lookalikes but they want to perform the songs with true feeling which is the best way to listen to them and enjoy their performances.Pepperland also takes great pleasure in storytelling, tales, fun facts, and interesting information surrounding the songs, The Beatles, the era, the recordings etc; all in an entertaining and interesting fashion. Furthermore, Pepperland love involving the audience, making the audience feel and be an active part of the music and the show! The band bring the audience on a journey from laughter to tears and give them an experience of the greatest fairy tale in pop history.


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