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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. 
A dream you dream together is reality.“

Dear Audience, dear Prudence!

Our shared dream of a COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, that is unforgettable for everyone involved - participants, visitors and guests - is getting closer and closer! Today we have a colorful mix of important information, new program items and good news for you - as well as an exclusive competition for all subscribers to this newsletter.

First, let's look at two important pieces of news about our tickets: We're happy to report that the "All You Can Beat" ticket category is now sold out! On the other hand, we are now offering a new category to all last-minute visitors: 

the day tickets! These will be available for both days of the festival,

they cost €55 per day plus advance booking fee. It follows our wish to offer everyone the opportunity to take part in the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE,

even if you are perhaps only interested in a few selected

"Come Together Milestones" or individual events - or if two complete days in the spirit of the Fab Four are perhaps something for you are too much.

So everyone can now choose more specifically what interests them in our program. 

That's an offer you can't refuse, isn't it?

„The good thing about Klaus is that he –
unlike so many others – was actually there!“

Paul McCartney

Next, we look at two newly added events that take our concern to create unique experiences for you into account - and that show once again how deeply the

 Fab Four are anchored in Hamburg to this day and thus 

have an impact across generations.


There is the collaboration with graphic artist and musician Klaus Voormann - whom we probably don't need to introduce to you any further - with his son Maximilian. Under the title "HAMBURG STOMPING GROUND GUIDE 60-61-62" the two have published a book that retells and illustrates their quite different view of Klaus Voormann's time together with the Beatles in Hamburg. With personal stories and anecdotes and his typical illustration style, Klaus Voormann takes us on an emotional journey through time to Hamburg in the early 1960s.

He is accompanied by his son Maximilian, who has used a drawing pad

and fineliner to illustrate the original locations from today's perspective. 

In this way, he opens a window into his father's past with

artistic strokes before each chapter.

This book publication now finds a new return during the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE: Ulf Krüger, long-time manager of Klaus Voormann and Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr as well as one of the most respected German Beatles experts, who achieved international fame with books and exhibitions on the Beatles as well as with his research on the Hamburg period of the Beatles as part of the "Anthology" series, will create an evening of talk and stories with Maximilian Voormann at the Gruenspan. One will mentally look at all the locations, people and moments that are illustrated and described in the book. Previously untold anecdotes will be recounted, Maximilian Voormann will tell what influence his father's contact had on the entire family, while Ulf Krüger will enrich these stories

with his research and deep expertise. 

With which they literally "bring the book to life".




Oh yes, if you would rather experience a classic Beatles tour through

St. Pauli instead or on top of that, you can also do this: You can now book Beatles Hamburg tours that will take you to all the original locations of the Beatles, peppered with insider knowledge and many details that are probably still unknown to you.

„There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done."

Another really special evening from the series of "Come Together Milestones", which show in how many directions the music of the Beatles can be stretched and reinterpreted, is "Mushroom Head Sauce with Barrel".

As the name suggests, things will happen here that

you have definitely never seen before.
With "Pilzkopfsoße mit Fass" you will experience two musicians live on stage who rethink music and its interpretation. Some of you may already be familiar with the name of Christian von Richthofen: a singing percussionist who martially processes all kinds of material in his shows - including cars, harbor containers or household appliances - in order to create new forms of sound and rhythm with them.

For the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, together with the pianist, big band leader and theater musician Dirk Bleese, he has developed a - in a broader sense - "song cycle" around the Fab Four, with German lyrics and unusual instrumentation: a metal barrel that is being worked on with butcher's gloves will, a loop station, some effect devices and an acoustic piano. This will be exciting - we can guarantee that much!


We are also happy to be able to guarantee that festival ticket holder will have access to the glamorous evening hosted by Earl Slick and friends. The relocation of his show to the Gruenspan, which was necessary for production reasons, has resulted in new capacity for the event which allows us to invite all COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE ticket holders to this evening.

There is even more to come. Watch out - we still have some exciting surprises in store for you.

All You Need Is Love,

Your CTE-Team

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