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Dear Audience, dear Prudence!


In our sixth newsletter we at the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE want to introduce you to three outstanding events from the series of "Come Together Milestones" with more detail: We have a breathtaking, cast from Germany and Beyond in our planned big revue for the 50th anniversary which is now complete for the "Blue Album" (late) Beatles can completely reinterpret and experience. We also present to you the DEWS concert, which has developed a special song cycle based on the compositions of Yoko Ono under the title "Yes, I am a Witch".

Laeiszhalle (1).jpg

Our “Blue Album Revue” is enormously detailed, and features up to 60  top-class musicians who will take part. Under the leadership of Berlin subculture legend Nikko Weidemann (including Mokta Efti Orchestra), a permanent band was first put together: In addition to Weidemann, you will be able to experience Hans Rohe (Nina Hagen Band and others) on guitar and vocals, plus Stefan Rager from the Jeremy Days am drums, Erdmöbel bassist Ekki Maas as well as the studio and production ace Andreas Wisbauer aka Andi Fins (including Clueso, Tim Neuhaus) and the Keys. For a selection of songs the other line-up also includes a brass and a string section, recruited from the Kaiser Quartet and top-class brass players from Hamburg.

Joining this already eclectic regular line-up is a kaleidoscopic array of exciting guests who, closer to all the Blue Album songs (plus a few more late-Beatles-era gems as a surprise), are ennobled with their voices and instruments. Among them the two prominent singers Annett Louisan and Christiane "Bobo" Hebold, front woman of the rock band Bobo In White Wooden Houses, which has been active for three decades; the singer and actress Marie Biermann; Francesco Wilking and Moritz Kramer of widely acclaimed indie band Die Höchste Eisenbahn; Eddie Argos of British neo-wave icons Art Brut; Rahiem and Amiri Taylor of New York psychedelic rockers Blac Rabbit; with Katja Rieckermann the longtime saxophonist of the Rod Stewart Band; the Canadian songwriter Martin Gallop and the folk musician Robert Laupert from Frankfurt, who has been enchanting his listeners with wonderful Americana under the name L'aupaire for ten years; In addition, with Michel van Dyke, Bernd Begemann and Dirk Darmstädter (frontman of the Jeremy Days) three true institutions of the German indie scene, which probably do not need to be introduced to the reader; and last but not least 40 singers from Gospel Train, a Hamburg youth choir led by Peter Schuldt.

That all sounds like a very promising evening, don't you think? 

We can promise: it will. 


As you could possibly imagine, just organization  of this revue on the Blue Album is a real full-time job. We've been on the phone for weeks, hundreds of e-mails have been written and everything has been done to ensure that this evening will be unforgettable for everyone present. But anyone who thinks that we would have been stretched to capacity is wrong. Instead, we are currently working feverishly -

in addition to the countless other exclusive evenings - 

on another "Come Together Milestone":
Under the title "Sitting on a Cornflake - The Beatles' Psychedelic Songbook", a unique, full-length program is currently being created, bringing together a whole range of internationally renowned musicians of all kinds. Above all, to look at the psychedelic sides of the Beatles in a completely new way and to transform them into sounds in which the Beatles songs have never been heard before.
This evening is currently still a "work in progress", but it can already be foreseen that something extraordinarily exciting and experimental will also be able to be experienced here. The ensemble of "Sitting on a Cornflake" includes Thorsten Quaeschning and Paul Frick from Tangerine Dream, as well as the New Yorkers Blac Rabbit, who will interpret their very own psychedelic rock version of the Beatles' album "Rubber Soul" as a duo, and Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, an extraordinary art rock noise project centered around the South African artist Lucy Kruger, who lives in Berlin and has developed and perfected her very own experimental approach to the flexibility of rock arrangements.
All these musicians, as different as they are and sound, have one thing in common: that the music of the Beatles can always be rediscovered and interpreted in a different, surprising and, above all, contemporary way. And that the psychedelic moments of the Fab Four in particular form the basis for many bands and genres that have recently experienced a great renaissance - be they artists from post-punk, neo-wave, stoner rock, shoegaze and Post-rock or all the broad fields of electronic music creation between ambient, trip-hop, downbeat and avant-garde.

„Any time at all,
all you've gotta do is call 
And I'll be there

The Beatles - Any Time at All

If you are in danger of losing track of the really varied program of our

 COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE with all these innovations and program additions of the last few weeks, we recommend that you take another look at our informative homepage at Not only are all the artists presented there in more detail, you will also find the running order and the schedule of all bands are artists of our festival there. It should be noted once again that the uniqueness of this event with its many exclusive shows and concerts can bring certain changes up to the last minute - in every respect: because there is a whole range of other ideas, concert evenings and international ones Star guests who are in the planning stage but have not yet been finally confirmed. 


149,- plus fees
›› Access to all events including Laeiszhalle

+ Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell at St. Pauli Theatre 


99,- plus fees
›› Access to all events except Laeiszhalle

+ Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell at St. Pauli Theatre 


74,- plus fees
›› The Come Together ticket for all people under the age of 25 – closing date 7/2/2023.

+ Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell at St. Pauli Theatre 


from 35,- plus fees
›› Access to Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell on 7/1/2023 at St. Pauli Theatre 

All You Need Is Love,

Your CTE-Team

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