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Dear Audience, dear Prudence!


Behind the scenes we are continuing to work on special shows, unique concerts and experiences all related to The Beatles and we work to build unforgettable experience for every visitor to this year's Come Together Experience.

Todays newsletter is focused on two really outstanding evenings from our

"Come Together Milestones" series. We have the legendary Earl Slick performing at Laeiszhalle and we have the extraordinary jazz trio Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell performing at the St. Pauli Theatre.

"The very first record I bought was the album you called 'With The Beatles' in Europe, in the States it was called 'Meet The Beatles"


Earl Slick


Earl_Slick_2-min 2-min.jpg
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Earl Slick, the moniker of Frank Madeloni - had been a Beatles fan from the very beginning. It’s all the more remarkable that years later he had the honor of working with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on two albums, "Double Fantasy" and "Milk and Honey" His booking for Come Together Experience has been one of our big highlights. As advertised the show is Earl Slick & Friends, so let’s tell you about the friends.

Mark Hudson (vocals, guitar, keyboards) is a songwriter and producer who has worked with artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Harry Nilsson, Cher, Bon Jovi, The Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Carole King, Celine Dion and many more. Mark first appeared in a rock band with his brothers: The Hudson Brothers. Their band, heavily influenced by the Beatles, had two Top 20 hits: "So You Are a Star" and "Rendezvous." The brothers became friends with John Lennon through Elton John and their Beatles influence continued - on seven albums and concert tours worldwide. Mark then learned music production from the legendary Phil Ramone and began producing and writing songs for a variety of stars. Mark has produced eight albums with Ringo Starr, among others, and has often been accompanied by George Harrison and Paul McCartney as guest stars on Ringo's albums. In 1994, Mark wrote the Grammy-winning song, "Livin' on the Edge" with Aerosmith, which went to number one worldwide. When recently asked when he planned to retire, he replied, "Never - I'm good at nothing else!"

Kasim Sulton (Bass, Vocals) is at the top of the list when established rock artists need an anchor that can both handle the low frequencies and harmonize with the best singers in the business, whether on the live stage or in the recording studio. Sulton has played with a veritable who's who of rock royalty, who continue to call on him regularly when they need a bass player of high profile. Aside from being Todd Rundgren's bassist of choice on Utopia and his various solo projects for over 45 years, Sulton is a valued band member with the likes of Meat Loaf, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Hall & Oates, Cheap Trick, Patty Smyth, the former Eagles guitarist Don Felder, Cyndi Lauper and Blue Öyster Cult to name a few.

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Kasim Sulton.jpg

Jesse Smith (vocals, guitar, keyboards) is a London-based rock singer, musician and songwriter. Jesse fronts The Romances, Legacy Showband, The Classic Rock Show, Boot Led Zeppelin and London's premier rock night - Rock The Boat. Jesse also starred in Thriller Live in the West End (2013-15) and toured Europe with the iconic heavy metal cinema experience Gutterdämmerung. Jesse also performs solo and most recently released his debut solo album, 

Songs From a Concrete Box.

Lee John (drums, vocals) is none other than Earl Slick's son and,

according to Earl himself, "my absolute favorite drummer in the world".

Lee John Madeloni is the product of a torrid liaison between Earl Slick and

Jean Millington, who found greater merit as the singer and bassist for the widely acclaimed folk group Fanny. By the way, without Paul McCartney she would never have started playing the bass: "It's extremely melodic and opens up so many different perspectives on how to play the bass," she said in an interview.

So Lee John was surrounded by professional and above all Beatles music from an early age, and his path in life was thus mapped out. In addition to many other studio and live engagements, father and son have performed together on numerous occasions over the years, including several Celebrating Bowie tours, as well as many other contexts Earl Slick has been engaged to. It is only natural that the father also intended the Filius for this special concert.


We are also proud to announce another "milestone" of the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, jazz with the trio Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell, there are many things special about he formation of this trio. Starting with the unusual line-up: alongside Julia Hülsmann on the grand piano, we experience Christopher Dell on the vibraphone and Nils Wogram on the trombone. In other words, a jazz trio like no other, at least in this country. 
Something special is the love of the three for the Beatles: In 2020 they created "Come Together", a program that uses all creative phases of the Fab Four and transfers the songs into completely new, surprising contexts. The program had its premiere in the large hall of the Elbphilharmonie on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first Beatles concert in Hamburg.
Hülsmann decided on this special line-up because the Beatles' music is easy on the ear so that you can recognize the songs even without vocals, and on the other hand their melodies, harmonies and structures are so ingenious that they can be enchanting in very different arrangements. In his free flowing and concise way of interpreting music, Christopher Dell sets extremely exciting impulses with the equally percussive and floating sound of the vibraphone, which complements Hülsmann's reduced piano playing so wonderfully. Nils Wogram on the trombone is something like the "voice" in this team; but with his virtuoso and warm way of also playing a kind of curved bridge between the two keyboard/percussion instruments. In the meantime, supplemented by a few pieces of their own, this trio will also create very special sound moments at the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, where free playing is combined with the arranged and new sounds with melodic elements.

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+ Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell at St. Pauli Theatre 


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All You Need Is Love,

Euer CTE-Team

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