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Hülsmann - Wogram - Dell are in many respects a special trio beginning with the unusualness of the line-up:

alongside Julia Hülsmann on the grand piano, we experience Christopher Dell on the vibraphone and Nils Wogram on the trombone. Truly a jazz trio like no other, at least in Germany.
Something special is the love of the three for the Beatles: Already in 2020 they created "Come Together", a program that uses all creative eras of the Fab Four and translates the songs into completely new with surprising contexts.

The program had its premiere in the large hall of the Elbphilharmonie on the birthday of the 60th anniversary of the first Beatles concert in Hamburg. Hülsmann decided on this special line-up because the Beatles' music is easy on the ear that you can recognize the songs even without the vocals, and on the other hand their melodies, harmonies and structures are so ingenious that they can be enchanting in very different arrangements. In his free flowing, concise way of interpreting music, Christopher Dell sets extremely exciting impulses with the equally percussive and floating sound of the vibraphone, which complements Hülsmann's reduced piano playing so wonderfully. Nils Wogram on the trombone is something like the "voice" in this team; but with his virtuoso and warm way of also playing a kind of curved bridge between the two keyboard/ percussion instruments. In the meantime, supplemented by a few pieces of their own, this trio will also create very special sound moments at the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE, where free playing is combined with the arranged and new sounds with melodic elements.


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