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Hello, Dear Beat, Beatle Lovers, and Music Fans!
As early subscribers of our newsletter may already have the majority of this information but for everyone else here is a short summary which is then followed by news no one will yet know so keep reading!


"Our peak for playing live was in Hamburg."


George Harrison


For two days on 30th June and 1st July, Hamburg will experience a new type of event which is absolutely original in terms of its programming and provenance:

In various clubs on, in and around the Reeperbahn, the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE will be a diverse festival of international appeal, which will take place at the Beatles’ first concert in Germany take the audience on a pop-cultural journey into the here and now.

The starting point is, of course, is centered around the Fab Four, who established their worldwide career in Hamburg. In venues performed their first concerts in the early 1960s, such as the Indra, the Kaiserkeller and the former Top Ten Club (today's Moondoo), bands and artists from all over the world perform to celebrate the Beatles in all their diversity - and to prove how timeless their music still has an impact on younger generations. There will also be other concerts in the Laieszhalle, the Große Freiheit 36, the Gruenspan and the Molotow.


"It was Hamburg that did it. That's where we really developed"


John Lennon

Following Lennon's musical idealism, the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE also includes every imaginable form of musical performance. The festival places a special focus on unique "Come Together Milestones", created and curated especially for this event: special commissioned works in which current newcomers meet international, established greats to draw from the rich pool of the Beatles and new ones in surprising collaborations to conjure up facets in the music of the Fab Four.

In addition to the already announced John Lennon tribute evening by Earl Slick & Friends or the big revue for the 50th birthday of the "Blue Album" in the Laeiszhalle, this includes the New York indie supergroup Bambi Kino. Mark Rozzo, an artistic jack-of-all-trades who works as a soundtrack composer, book author, leader of the bands Maplewood and Champale, professor of creative writing and journalist for Vanity Fair, the New York Times and many others, said: "Bambi Kino was born in New York but grew up in Hamburg".  Bambi Kino was founded by Mark and three no less distinguished musicians - Erik Paparazzi (Cat Power, Denny Laine), Doug Gillard (Ex-Guided by Voices, Nada Surf) and Ira Elliot (Nada Surf) - and fulfilled a dream when they performed the original "Black Leather Set" at the Indra for the 50th Hamburg anniversary of the Beatles in 2010. Now, for the 60th anniversary of the first Beatles album, the band are returning to the original Beatles locations to offer COME TOGETHER attendees an exclusive, original Beatles setlist from 1960-1962. A unique mixture of a history lesson and an authentically rough rock'n'roll show. Watch out!


Laeiszhalle (1).jpg

"We had to try anything that came into our heads in Hamburg."

John Lennon


The song list dubbed “The Lost Tapes” by author and musician Christiane Rösinger (Lassie Singers, Britta) and actor/musician Paul Pötsch (Trümmer, Ilgen-Nur, Hotel Rimini) will be as exciting and stimulating: They will be performing their favourite tracks from the relatively unknown demos of John Lennon and Yoko One from the years 1975 - 80, their will present their interpretations of the songs for the first time at the Come Together Experience

Two more events that we cant not tell you about are: 

The show "Ein Hit ist ein Hit", which is dedicated to pop music in its historical and socio-cultural context. Authors Tobias Friedrich and Lothar Berndorff, designer Dunja Berndorff, Liverpool's radio talk show host Adrian Kennedy and the musical director Nikko Weidemann follow in the footsteps of the Fab Four at the time of Peter Eckhhorn's Top Ten Club and present an evening of informative entertaining discussion about all things fab four.

We will also be having the sing a long and dance debate of Beatles vs Rolling Stones - battle of the bands, presented by Berlin based DJ and promoter Martin Kersten (David Watts Foundation). The event which is a blast will feature various artists through the night performing either or and a song from the Beatles and Rolling Stones everyone can go wild to. The acts will feature artists from German indie bands such as Die Nerven, Isolation Berlin and Tocotronic.


"It was Hamburg that did it. That's where we really developed."


John Lennon


However, for the purists we also offer performances from The Bootleg Beatles, and other leading tribute acts such as Scotland’s Just Beatles who are unmatched in their authenticity, the 60s beat specialist from England Hamburg Beat who will focus their set as they are named, on the Beatles time in Hamburg plus from Southern Germany we have The Blackbyrds who perfectly blend a multicultural mix of sound from South America and Europe in their 60s covers.

Bootleg Beatles.jpg

And just like the detective Columbo we have "Just one more thing"


On Thursday, March 23, you can experience CTE co-organizer Thomas Kolbatz live on stage as part of a very special event. 

In the live talk series "The First International Vinyl Club" in the Hamburg club UWE (in the St. Pauli clubhouse on Spielbudenplatz) Thomas will be joined by the hosts, photographer Bernd Jonkmanns and moderator Yared Dibaba for the special 60th birthday of the Beatles debut "Please Please Me". They will be talking about all Beatles releases including some more obscure bootlegs and other rarities. They will also be joined by Horst Fascher, the former operations manager of the Star Club, who once looked after the Beatles in Hamburg, the legendary photographer Günter Zint, author Christoph Maus and other exciting guests.

Admission to this event is only 10€

Vinyl Club_1.jpg
Vinyl Club_2.jpg



Speaking of admission, tickets for the COME TOGETHER EXPERIENCE can be purchased directly at There are three different ticket categories, here again the overview:


149,- plus fees
›› Access to all events including Laeiszhalle


99,- plus fees
›› Access to all events except Laeiszhalle


74,- plus fees
›› The Come Together ticket for all people under the age of 25 – closing date 7/2/2023.

All You Need Is Love,

Euer CTE-Team

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