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Twin brothers Amiri and Raheiem Taylor grew up in Brooklyn, the Mecca of hip hop, however they chose The Beatles over Wu-Tang Clan to listen to on their home hi-fi.
Whilst in high school the brothers taught themselves to play guitar and write songs inspired by The Beatles. In 2013 they founded their band Blac Rabbit, which was influenced by The Beatles as well as other contemporary acts such as Radiohead and Tame Impala. The group released their debut EP in 2017 but things really started happening for them when a video of them performing The Beatles on the New York subway went viral, collecting over 25 million streams, leading to numerous TV appearances and sudden world interest. The band have since continued working, releasing their debut album "Interstella" in 2022 which they managed to finance through crowdfunding and have been touring all over the world and working on collaborations with the likes of Harry Styles.


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