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Prince or Michael Jackson? Blur or Oasis? But above all: Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
For many music fans, this is not a question of taste or attitude, but a conscientious decision of religious significance. 
The comparison of these two most important bands of pop culture fills whole books, in which serious comparisons are made between sales figures, the amount of output, the quality of the songwriting and much more. Such a battle can be most of all incredibly entertaining.  That's exactly what the DJ team David Watts Foundation have done, which is considered the competence center in Berlin for 60s beat, garage and early psych rock: they've invited bands and artists to Berlin clubs several times for a "Live Band Battle", where audiences could get a direct picture of who writes the better live hits - the Fab Four or the Greatest Rock’n’roll Band of all time? Now the battle is also coming to Hamburg, with an illustrious list of participants: the indie rock favorites Isolation Berlin, the jack of all trades and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Kuhn (Die Nerven), the band Mint Mind that includes Tocotronic member Rick McPhail, the difficult hip indie-pop sextet Purse, the 60s beat psychedelic rock’n’roll The Recalls from Stuttgart, Berlin's newest garage punk sensation Bella & the Bizarre around the songwriter Bella Khan (daughter of the legendary King Khan) as well as the dark post-punk shoegazer Grundeis from Hamburg. Someone asked whether dancing was allowed?

No: It MUST!


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