The Beatles took on their second Hamburg engagement at the TOP-TEN-CLUB, now the Moondoo. The Top Ten was the first really good live club in Hamburg, with a proper stage, good sound system and the beloved "echo on the microphones". This engagement was certainly the hardest - here they played 92 nights in a row, all night long with only 15-minute breaks - but for the Beatles it was also the most exciting time in Hamburg. "The Top Ten was the best", they later say about the club, above which they were also living at the time, together with Hamburg's big star Tony Sheridan and his girlfriend Rosi. Since they were performing almost every evening with the famous Tony, Polydor took notice of them and they got their first record deal. As "Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers" their first single "My Bonnie" was released in October 1961, produced by Bert Kämpfert. Like all our other Holy Places, we’ll give this indeed very special Beatles place an original 60s twist, so you can shout, dance and drink like it’s 1961.



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