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The Prellies were founded by Birmingham based, Beatles obsessed friends Trev Townsend and Gaz Evans on the occasion of the reopening of the legendary Casbah Coffee Club. Together with Ace Brummie Mod Face and lead singer Julian Heath the 4-piece pulled off a storming set. So storming that they had to play it all again at the audience’s request. Following their “birth” at the Casbah, The Prellies took off in a way that Trev and Gaz never could have imagined, playing historic Liverpool beat venues like The Jacaranda and The Cavern, becoming a regular fixture at International Beatleweek, and appearing at Beatles Festivals around the world, including one show as Tony Sheridan's backing band. They managed all this without playing songs written by Lennon and McCartney, but purely focusing on the raw, classic rock'n'roll numbers pulled directly from The Beatles (and other Beat legends) early set lists, played at maximum velocity and volume. The one place they never managed to get to though, was Hamburg, even though the “Live at The Star Club LP” and the film “Backbeat” were at the core of the Prellies’ DNA. Sadly, Trev Prellie unexpectedly passed away on 1st October 2018. He would be most excited of all to play in Hamburg at the Come Together Experience and will be with the band in spirit. Expect to hear forgotten gems like 'Shimmy Like Kate', 'Red Sails in The Sunset' and 'Talkin' About You', and classic rockers like 'Long Tall Sally' and 'What'd I Say'. Welcome to Hamburg, The Prellies!



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