The Blackjacks are a four-piece group from York, England, who perform skiffle, rock ‘n’ roll and early country tracks to create an authentic skiffle set. Taking their name from John Lennon’s first ever choice of band name, The Blackjacks revisit the sounds and styles that shook the UK’s coffee bars back in the mid 50s. The boys also play a number of Beatles tracks, giving each one a skiffle makeover to sound in keeping with those early influences that Lennon had in mind when first performing with The Quarrymen. Having wowed audiences and converted squares across Britain, The Blackjacks will bring a smile to your face and get your feet a-tapping. So, look out for these northern skifflers during the week, and dig their raucous rhythm, luscious harmonies and undeniable charm. The band performed regularly at The International Beatleweek Liverpool.

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