The district of St. Pauli has many stories to tell, therefore it’s important that it has its own facility to do so: the “St. Pauli Museum”. The permanent exhibition tells of the rule of the Danes and the French occupation, of the Third Reich, of sailors, prostitutes and pimps, of famous “St. Paulianers” like Simon von Utrecht and Hans Albers, of gangsters and entertainment addicts – and of course of the Beatles. After all, none other than photographer Günter Zint founded the museum in 1988, who has been documenting the changing district for many decades and who at the beginning of his career was the “Star-Club’s” house photographer and took many pictures of the Beatles. Of course, you can see numerous of his pictures in the museum. In fact, the museum stores a total of several million (!) photos and historical documents in its archives, so the exhibition will remain interesting for a long time to come.



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