In the summer of 2013, this neo-Gothic church was all over the news headlines when its pastor offered refuge to 80 Lampedusa refugees whom the state wanted to deport. The project received great support from local residents, and when the Senate refused to give in, there were protests and ever larger demonstrations. Social engagement has a long history at “St Pauli Kirche”: Clemens Schultz, who was the pastor of the church around 1900, is considered the forefather of church youth work as we know it today. He took care of young workers and apprentices and set up a pre-school which still exists today. The church itself was built in 1819/20 on the site of a 17th century church that had recently been destroyed by Napoleonʼs troops. During the annual “Reeperbahn Festival”, international independent and avant-garde acts perform in the church’s nave – a very special acoustic experience which visitors to “Come Together” will be able to enjoy as well.



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