Rosi was 20 years old when in late June 1961, her husband-to-be, Tony Sheridan, went into a Hamburg studio with the Beatles. It was the Fab Four’s first recording session. Rosi has been running the iconic “Rosis Bar” on Hamburger Berg for 50 years now, but when she met Tony Sheridan, she was only a waitress at the “Kaiserkeller”, where the Beatles performed for 58 nights. When they later played in the “Top Ten”, she often spent the night in the small apartment above the bar where Tony lived with the Beatles. Later Rosi worked as a barkeeper at the “Star Club”. When Tony, by then her husband, went to Vietnam in 1967, their relationship ended. Two years later, she took over her father’s bar “Drei Hufeisen”. At “Come Together”, Rosi Sheridan McGinnity will be talking about her life – and of course about her time up and close with the Beatles.




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