The Line Up

Today is the big day: We release our program for the three days of the festival!

Here’s an overview of the artists, readings and talks, happenings and locations on each festival day. All bands will play several times during the festival so that you can make sure you won’t miss the band you don’t want to miss. Ain’t that sweet? There are no particular times set yet, more information coming soon.

And we have two more wonderful announcements to make: Guitar legend Earl Slick, guitarist of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, David Bowie, will perform songs and riffs from the Double Fantasy album together with partner Jesse Smith in his Slicky Speaks Music Talk and talk about his time with John Lennon. Furthermore we could win one of the most important Hamburg artist friends of the Beatles for a talk and signing session: Jürgen Vollmer, who not only photographed Lennon's famous "Rock'n'Roll" cover, but also had a significant influence on the Beatles’ style and look.

It won’t be long!

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