Showman Olli Schulz: Musician, radio host and German tv’s all- purpose tool. Olli did his apprenticeship in showbiz in his hometown Hamburg, specialising in stagehand and security. He went through some tough schooling on the Reeperbahn, but besides becoming a target for a personal insult by Lou Reed and a  witness to the downfall of Van Halen, he also learned a lot about what it takes to create a fantastic show, write a great song or simply be an extraordinary artist. He had always composed his own little songs. The first song he’d ever written „Song ohne Grund“ (Song without a cause) was featured on his first album „Brichst Du mir das Herz, dann brech’ ich Dir die Beine“ (Break my heart and I’ll break your legs). Since 2016 he’s hosting the podcast “Fest& Flauschig”, together with Jan Böhmermann. The podcast is one of the most frequently streamed podcasts worldwide. „Scheiß Leben, gut erzählt“ (A shitty life, well told) is the title of his current solo album. For Come Together Olli will hit the stage with his very own interpretations of his favourite Ringo Songs. We’re curious!

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