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In their early Hamburg days, the Beatles were still long ways away from their later look with preppy suits, neckties and moptop hairdos. They played rough rock’n’roll, and naturally they wore tight jeans, boots, quiffs, and leather jackets. A very important shop for them was “Leder Dschungel” (“leather jungle”) where they had themselves new outfits made from their first Hamburg paychecks. Their new leather clothing was durable enough for the long nights on stage. Plus, it made the boys look older and let them blend in with their St. Pauli audience, which consisted of drunken sailors, pimps and prostitutes, rockers and existentialists like Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voorman. This mix had a huge impact on the general aesthetics of the Beatles in their early years. The sign of the “Leder Dschungel” still hangs on the wall of Thadenstraße 6, and old equipments from the 1960’s can be seen through the cellar window.