„Cool cherry cream, nice apple tart / I feel your taste all the time we’re apart …“ The delicious scent that hits you when you come in the door leaves no room for doubt: At the “Konditorei Schumann” the owners still bake by hand. The family business is a mixture of bakery/pastry shop and stand-up café, where long time residents of St. Pauli still meet for a bite and a chat. The traditional bakery was already a popular institution when the Beatles lived right across the street at the “Bambi Kino” during their first stint at Hamburg. You can still get wonderfully crispy bread rolls and irresistibly delicious cakes and tarts, as tasty as they where back in the sixties. In fact, they are so good that the Schumanns’ pastry shop keeps appearing in the city’s top ten lists. By the way: If you come in in the evening, you will get a discount on the day’s freshly baked goods.



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