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“Four Kings- One Kaiser “. Kaiser Quartett are a contemporary string quartet, based in Hamburg. The members are violinists Adam Zolynski, Jansen Folkers, Ingmar Süberkrüb on viola  and Martin Benz on violoncello. In 2011 the quartet began their collaboration with pianist and Grammy award winner Chilly Gonzales, playing concerts in Hamburg and Berlin for the release of the pianist’s “The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales” album that combines orchestra and rap. The quartet accompanied Chilly Gonzales in concert at the Berlin Philharmonie, the Hamburg and the Munich Philharmonie, the Salle Pleyel in Paris and the New Year’s concert at the Philharmonie Cologne. They have recently collaborated with artists like “Room 29” Chilly Gonzales,  Jarvis Cocker, Boys Noize, Gregory Porter as well as German acts Roger Cicero, Bosse, Samy DeLuxe, Daniel Hope and BOY. Kaiser Quartett released their self-titled Debut Album in August 2019.



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