Jon Keats was born, raised and still lives in Liverpool. He started playing in bands from the age of fourteen before switching to acting. His first job after leaving drama school in 1990 was playing the part of John Lennon in the musical play “Imagine”. He went on to form the band “Instant Karma”. solo Focusing mainly on John’s career, they became one of the headline bands at Liverpool’s International Beatleweek for many years, as well as touring the UK and Europe extensively. In 2007, Jon was one of the first inductees into Liverpool’s Beatleweek Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to the festival.

Fast forward to today, and Jon is now a Director of Cavern City Tours, the company behind International Beatleweek, and of course, the owners of the Cavern Club – the most famous club in the world. As well as this, Jon performs solo acoustic gigs every week in the Cavern as one of their resident artists, still paying tribute to John and the Beatles, as well as all of the other great bands to have performed at this legendary venue. Over the years, Jon has performed at Beatle festivals all over the world including the U.S, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, France, Italy, Spain …and finally Germany. Jon is delighted to be taking part in the first Hamburg Beatles festival and, as the Cavern Club, officially endorsing this fantastic event.



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