The “Jägerpassage” at Wohlwillstrasse 22 is one of the festival’s Holy Places. Here in 1961, one of the most famous photos of John Lennon was taken. He is leaning casually against the wall of a doorway, and the rest of the band run past him, but are blurry and hardly recognisable. The “doorway photo”, as it is called by fans, became world famous when Lennon selected it for the cover of his ’75 solo album “Rock’n’Roll”. It was taken by Jürgen Vollmer, close friend of the Beatles and back then art student and assistant to famous advertisement photographer Reinhart Wolf. But the “Jägerpassage” is also a place steeped in town history: The red brick ensemble from the 1860’s is considered the oldest example of social housing in Hamburg. An autonomous residential project, also affectionately known as “Little Christiania”, has been residing here since the 1980s, with thirty adults and children sharing living quarters, workshops, rehearsal spaces and meeting rooms.



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