Got no car and it’s breaking your heart? No problem at all!
All venues are located in St. Pauli and are easily accessible by public transport.
The S-Bahn station Reeperbahn is located closer to the clubs than the U-Bahn station St. Pauli.

Travelling with Deutsche Bahn your terminal should be either Hamburg Hauptbahnhof or Bahnhof Altona. From Hauptbahnhof you can choose between the U-Bahn U3 to St Pauli station or S-Bahn  S1 or S3 to Reeperbahn station. From Altona station the S1 and S3 take you directly to Reeperbahn station.

Travelling by bus your terminal is ZOB at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof with both, U- and S-Bahn stations in walking distance.

Arriving at Hamburg AIRPORT, it’s a 34 minute ride with the S1 directly to Reeperbahn station.

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