When the Star Club opened in 1962, it was an overnight sensation. But operator Horst Fascher knew that the well-known artists he hired to play at the club wouldn’t be content to stay at some run down Reeperbahn hostel. Instead, he rented rooms for them at the brand new “Hotel Pacific” on Neuer Pferdemarkt. The Beatles stayed here during their last gig in Hamburg from 18 to 31 December 1962, in luxurious single rooms. At times, the entire fourth floor of the hotel was reserved for Star-Club bands. The “Hotel Pacific” has hardly changed since then. The lobby is open to all festival guests, and at the end of the dining room you will find a collage of Beatles photos, autographs, and hotel bills from back in the day. VIP ticket owners will have the chance to enter the so-called “Star-Club floor” and discover the rooms where not only the Beatles stayed, but also other rock’n’roll greats such as Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cream or Gene Vincent.



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