On the weekend of the festival, the Hamburg “Dom”, the largest North German fun fair, will open its doors. Three times a year, the large Ferris wheel is put up on the Heiligengeistfeld, and people enjoy cotton candy, bumper cars and roller coasters. That in Hamburg the traditional fun fair bears this particularly name – “Dom” means “cathedral”– is due to the fact that in the late Middle Ages, show people were allowed to take refuge in the Hamburg cathedral when the weather was bad. Finally, they were given a permanent venue next to the cathedral, and when the Hamburg fair later moved to the Heiligengeistfeld (“Holy Ghost field”, named after a hospital that once stood here), it simply kept the name “Dom”. For Beatles fans, the Heiligengeistfeld is one of the Holy Places, because Astrid Kirchherr took their very first band photos here. Back then the “Dom” was on as well, and the Beatles posed in front of the fairground businesses’ cars and trucks.



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