The Hamburger Kneipenchor (The Hamburg Pub Choir) is the second German edition of this subcultural choir phenomena. Thrilled by the exemplary Berliner Kneipenchor Hike Cordes founded the choir in 2013, with Christian Sondermann as choirmaster. Ever since the choir has opened for German band Kettcar in front of 2500 people for the 40th anniversary of the Knust Club, became a poster child for integration and against right-wing extremist violence playing at the Hamburger Rathausmarkt to an audience of 7500 people, and were branded as the “secret headliner“ of the “A Summer’s Tale“ festival. No doubt, the Hamburger Kneipenchor is just as comfortable on big stages as it would be on a night at your local. Musically the choir is very eclectic and pretty much open to all styles and genres. Indie anthems by Franz Ferdinand and Wanda are part of their repertoire just like pop gems by Queen or the Pogues. The choir also has a soft spot for pop trash by Katy Perry, Matthias Reim or the Spice Girls which contributes to the fantastic atmosphere at its shows. „We’re a showband! “seems to be the ensemble’s claim for live shows. For Come Together the Hamburger Kneipenchor will -of course- perform its favourite songs by the Fab Four. A medley? In a canon? We’re excited, mach Schau!



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