Rock’n’Roll has been at home at the “Gruenspan” for over 50 years. The music club on Grosse Freiheit opened its doors in 1968, the year when the Beatles’ “White Album” was released. Since then it has been an integral part of Hamburg’s cultural scene. In 1889 the “Palmengarten” resided in its place, the first Hamburg dancehall, later the building was turned into a hippodrome, then a public swimming pool and a cinema, until finally the rock club moved in. Shortly afterwards, the impressive mural on the facade of the building facing Simon-von-Utrecht-Strasse was created – covering 500 square meters, it’s the largest pop-art painting in all of Europe. As a live club, the “Gruenspan” is legendary. Over the decades, countless famous acts have performed here, including the Scorpions, Bryan Adams, and R.E.M. And in 2018, the audience experienced a very special event, when Stefanie Hempel took to the stage of the “Gruenspan” with an all-star band to perform the complete “White Album”.



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