German author and cabaret artist Frank Goosen was born in 1966 in Bochum. Just shortly after his birth the Beatles stopped playing live. Historians question a direct link between the two events, but Frank Goosen is pretty certain: This can’t be a coincidence. At the age of 13 he fell victim to Beatlemania and has never made a recovery. Strangely he hasn’t written much about the Fab Four- up until now. As part of the literary series “Musikbibliothek “(Music library) by his publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch he has finally written a book on his favourite band. Frank Goosen explains how black labour was involved on his way to the Beatles, why he got the lyrics to „ Please Please Me “completely wrong at first and how his sons actually listened to “Penny Lane “for the first time in Penny Lane. Frank Goosen succeeds in writing a most heartwarming, thrilling and hilarious love letter to the greatest band of all times.

For Come Together Frank Goosen will read from “Acht Tage die Woche – die Beatles und ich.” (Eight Days a Week- the Beatles and I.) We’re looking forward to the Paperback and Hardback Writer!



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