For decades, “Fettes Brot” have been an integral part of the German hip-hop scene. With 26 singles in the charts and five top 10 albums, only “Die Fantastischen Vier” might be more successful than the trio (plus DJ) from the Pinneberg district. In the music business, the band worked their way up from the bottom to the top, just like the Beatles did, only thirty years later. Dokter Renz (aka Speedy Konsalik aka Rector Donz aka Martin Vandreier) is one of the three “Hamburger Jungs” who since 1992 have been shaking up the clubs and the charts throughout the German-speaking world, with hits like “Nordisch by Nature”, “Jein”, and “Emanuela”. And he is a big fan of the Beatles – for example, the lyrics to his song “Emmely” are directly inspired by “A Day in the Life”. At “Come Together” Dokter Renz, who rarely ever travels on solo paths, will perform an exclusive Beatles medley.



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