Cornelius Hartz has worked as a bartender, university lecturer, sound engineer and travel agent. Today he lives in his hometown Hamburg as a freelance author and translator. For his 9th birthday, he got his first album, the Beatlesʼ “20 Greatest Hits”. It was the beginning of a lifelong passion. The Beatles are also featured in his bestseller “Glücksorte in Hamburg” (“Happiness Hotspots in Hamburg”) – a book about places that make people happy would not be complete without places like the “Indra” or “Gretel & Alfons”. The same goes for “Hamburg in 66 objects”, which he edited and which features several texts by Beatles expert Stefanie Hempel (in his latest book “Noch mehr Glücksorte in Hamburg”, which will be published in July 2020, she and her Beatles tour are their very own “Happiness Hotspot”). At Come Together, he and Peta Devlin, Ingo Herzke and N. N. will be reading from the Beatles' memories of their time in Hamburg.



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