A very special location for the “Come Together Experience” is the “Club de Sade”, Hamburg’s most exclusive S&M club. On ​​300 square meters, this internationally renowned club offers everything that makes the hearts of the BDSM scene beat faster. Founded in the 1970’s by entrepreneur Peter W. Ernst, the “Club de Sade” – as the name suggests – was inspired by the stories of the Marquis de Sade. Europe’s first “S&M cabaret” was established here, several decades before BDSM, fetish and bondage became socially acceptable. All the little details on the cast-iron cages and racks in the club, right down to the shackles and chains, are handcrafted. In 2010, after the founder’s death, the extraordinary Club was renovated and subtly modernized, so that the unique charm and toughness of the “Club de Sade” were retained. In this exciting atmosphere, holders of the Premium Festival Ticket will enjoy a very special event.



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