Famous St. Pauli entrepreneur Olivia Jones has built an entire entertainment empire. Her latest addition: “The Bunny Burlesque” at Grosse Freiheit, which offers a new stage for the Hamburg burlesque scene, under the artistic direction of Olivia’s “Burlesque rock star” Eve Champagne. Regularly, international stars of the scene drop in to perform in style. Burlesque is the artistic alternative to the more soulless forms of striptease. It harks back to the first third of the 20th century, when lascivious performances by female dancers became their very own art form. Today women still celebrate their femininity and stylish undressing. They are proud, emancipated and confident and tell short creative stories with their little shows – sometimes funny, sometimes colorful or flashy, but always breathtakingly erotic. In addition to the performances, a DJ plays music for the crowd to party and dance to.



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