Even though identical twins Amiri and Rahiem Taylor grew up in Brooklyn, the mecca of hip hop, at home they listened to the Beatles rather than the Wu-Tang Clan. In high school, they taught themselves how to play the guitar, and wrote tunes based on Beatles songs. Later they founded the band “Blac Rabbit” which plays psychedelic rock music that is clearly inspired by the sixties. In late 2017 they released their first EP, but the real kick-off for their career came when New York Nico, the “unofficial talent scout of New York City”, filmed them playing Beatles songs on the subway, and shared the videos on Instagram with his over 120,000 followers. One of the videos went viral and was streamed over 25 million times, resulting in numerous appearances of “Blac Rabbit” on TV and radio. Since then, their fan base has grown and grown, and the world is waiting for their first album to be released.



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