Within the past 30 years Bernd Begemann released more than 500 songs, played an incredible amount of shows and is one of the initiators of German youth and music movement the “Hamburger Schule“. Age 20 Bernd Begemann left his hometown Bad Salzuflen and moved to Hamburg to found his band “Die Antwort“, his first band went by the quite provocative name “Vatikan“. One and a half decades, many experiences, friendships and collaborations (he has also worked with Dirk Darmstaedter) later, his band is now called “Die Befreiung“ (The Liberation). Any deeper meaning behind this? “I’m just a guy singing songs…,“ says Begemann. His concerts almost always last for more than 3 hours with Begemann playing more than 20 songs and encores every night. At Come Together Begemann will perform alongside a brand new case of Beatlemania - his daughter.

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