The Ben Moske Band is a five piece around frontman Ben Moske. After a couple of years of performing either solo or together with his wife Ben founded the Ben Moske Band in 2017. The band consists of Ben Moske, Lilly Lewy-Moske (vocals and piano), David Merz (guitar), Arne Suter (drums) and Marcel Marcus (contrabass and bass). The band was originally formed for a one-off a as a backing band for Ben’s performance at the Emergenza Song Contest. The band’s remarkable success at the contest led to a great passion and energy which lasts until today and finally to the release of their debut EP- Take My Hand. The group can’t be pigeon-holed though its musical style is most likely to be described as classic acoustic pop rock with a dash of folk and country. Freedom, longing and self-fulfilment are the main topics of the songs, all written by Ben Moske.For Come Together the Ben Moske Band will perform a selection of their favourite songs by The Fab Four. We’re looking forward!



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