In 2008, a circular area of ​​almost 100 ft in diameter was transformed into a monument resembling an oversized LP, in honour of the Beatles and their huge contribution to Hamburg’s music scene. Of course, it was set up in a particularly memorable place, at the corner of Grosse Freiheit and Reeperbahn. Part of the “Beatles-Platz” (Beatles square) monument is an ensemble of statues in the form of life-size metal silhouettes of the band’s members, which back then still had five members – the ideal object for selfies and souvenir photos. Many visitors don’t even know that when taking a picture with the drummer’s silhouette, they are not posing with the outline of Ringo but with that of Pete Best, the Beatles’ drummer back in the day. If you look closely, you will discover that the brass-coloured “record grooves” of the square are engraved with the titles of well-known songs by Fab Four.



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